The Monster of Peladon

Welcome to my little corner on the web. :)

Since my site will always be in a perpetual state of flux (ie. under construction) I will post updates to my site on this page.

Tack för besöket! (Thanks for visiting!)


-May 1st, 2010: I recently had to move my blog from dreamingheart back to blogger. For the most part, the move was successful. However, the archives to my old site didn't rollover as smoothly (an error I'm trying to correct) If you have a link to an older post from dreamingheart, the page might be missing. However, my entire archive seems to be intact at blogger*.

-Still in the works: picture, completed projects, and about pages

*(the switch back to blogger is only temporary-until I figure out how to make the custom domain option work for me)

Future pages: Trading cards; new Krismutt adventures. :)

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