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Krismutt relaxing in Charleston, West Virginia, July 2003

Krismutt's Story

Krismutt's story begins on a shelf in a Target store in Minneapolis, Minnesota during the 1987 Christmas season. Krismutt, his twin brother, KM2, and their baby brother, Lil' Kris were picked out of a pack of mutts by two parents looking for gifts for their three children. On Chirstmas Eve, he had a cast put on his left pawfoot, because their eldest daughter had just broken her foot the day before. He still remembers the first time he saw 10 year-old Romana, struggling on a pair of crutches Christmas morning, and her delight when she hobbled into the room. "Krismutts!!" It was love at first sight, and he hasn't left her since. ;)

Have dog, will travel...

Since then, Krismutt has gone where ever Romana has gone. He has been as far north as Brainard, Minnesota and as far east as Washington D.C. He has even traveled to Toronto, Ontario, and has seen Niagra Falls from the Canadian side. (He's still upset that his mommy didn't let him go into the casino with her and her roommates, but we won't get into that now...) ;) He has only just recently begun to document his travels in a photo journal. So, whether it be way up north in Minnesota, traveling through Ohio, or even just down the street partying with his Mommy and Aunty Persephone- he hopes you enjoy his stories. I do too! :)

His Adventures

Krismutt's Weekend Trip to Cincinatti

Krismutt in Columbus *NEW!*

Mommy and Aunty Persephone's 2nd Annual Baking Party

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